Archangels -The Seven Archangels

Archangels are extraordinary beings, extensions of God himself, personifying his grace and majesty and power. All the archangels are healers. They come as master surgeons to repair our bodies, even as they mend the garments of our souls.


There is no field of study in which they do not excel. With the Elohim, they exercise the power to create or uncreate life.

The title "archangel" was given to those who became masters of their worlds "as Above, so below" and that of "archeia" to their feminine complements. In order to earn this office, many who are now archangels had to embody in human form, experiencing the same tests as the sons and daughters of God. However, there were some who remained in the heaven-world and never took embodiment in the physical octave.


El Morya urged us with "Now I say, invoke the momentum of the seven archangels to amplify in your soul and in your desiring to be whole the feelings of God which compel the entire consciousness into conformity with the geometry of selfhood. The seven archangels wield the power, the wisdom, and the love of Infinity—of a cosmos yet to be born within you as microcosmic-macrocosmic energies converge to become the warp and woof of the creative life force. Now expand the cup of consciousness to contain the archangel of your ray."
Daily Blessings of the Archangels


El Morya also described the daily opportunity we have to connect with the archangels. "Each of the seven archangels carries a sphere of the energies of God, a portion of the ray on which he serves. Each day in sacred ritual, kneeling before the altar of the Lord in the Great Central Sun, he receives his sphere and he is commissioned to go forth throughout the cosmos to scatter the seeds of Christic light that burst from the ray and the sphere of the ray which he bears within his heart as a great sun disc of emerging Christ-identity.


"And the twin flames of the archangels and their legions which comprise the hosts of the Lord Christ bow also before the sons and daughters of God, acknowledging the sacred fire upon the altar of
the heart. Each day the sons and daughters of God evolving in Mater have the opportunity to receive the energies of one of the seven rays cycling from the sphere of light held in the heart of an archangel."