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Summit Lighthouse Resource Websites
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Ascended Master Encyclopedia – Quickly access information on Summit Lighthouse topics.

Ascended Master Events – Information on Summit Lighthouse events around the world.

Summit University – Online spiritual courses on the ascensionSaint Germain and the violet flame, and twin flames; seminars, event calendar.

Mystical Paths of the World’s Religions – Hours of audio and video teachings by Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

My I AM Presence – Chart of the I AM Presence for different religious traditions.

I AM Alchemy – May God bless you with his abundance as you study to achieve your personal prosperity.

Book Study Groups – Free how-to study materials for the pocket guides to practical spirituality.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet – About author and Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Mark Prophet – About author and Messenger Mark Prophet.

Holy Orders – Spiritual service orders for Keepers of the Flame.

Publications & Resources Websites

The Summit Lighthouse Bookstore – Books, art, CDs and DVDs on the ascended master’s teachings

Ascended Masters And Their Retreats – Learn about the etheric retreats of the ascended masters.

El Morya – El Morya and The Chela and the Path.

Fallen Angels Among Us – Enoch, fallen angels and what we can do.

ISSA: The Greatest Story Never Told – Book by Lois Drake

Saint Germain On Alchemy – Saint Germain on the violet flame and spiritual alchemy.

Shakespeare Code – Book by Virginia Fellows, longtime student of the ascended masters

Summit University Press – Publisher for The Summit Lighthouse

Cómo Trabajar con los Ángeles How to Work with Angels en Español

Pocket Guides To Practical Spirituality Series