"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."


Below you will find some inspiring quotes from the Masters about freedom and why it is important for us to do all we can to guard not only our own individual freedom, but the freedom of all sons and daughters of God to pursue the Path of Personal Christhood and ultimately free the entire planet.  A 2020 National Election Prayer Vigil souvenir booklet will be available for download once you've registered.

The Prophecy for the Soul of America

"The torch which the Divine Mother carries in her right hand is a torch of liberty--a liberty that is realized in self-mastery through disciplined love and a wisdom founded on obedience to the will of God." 


Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Greater Way of Freedom

      "Let those whose hearts burn with a desire to be free and to engender freedom in every part of life, in every facet of the consciousness of man, assemble in the captial of capitals, in the city of cities, in the nation of nations.  Let them assemble while they are yet free to assemble.  Let them come and worship while they are yet free to worship.  Let them speak the word of Elohim while they are yet free to speak.  Let them publish abroad the truth of soul freedom while they are yet free to publish the truth.

       Freedom is on the march, and the forces of freedom are marching into the capitals of the nations to enshrine the flame of freedom."


Beloved Saint Germain, October 23, 1975         The Greater Way of Freedom 

 “Understand, then, that we have a date with destiny to defeat these forces systemwide and in the entire Matter cosmos. Let us not give in when so great a calling is at hand and a victory nigh for the taking. Thus, beloved, the decree work will be answered. And it shall be answered as called forth, for the Mother of the Flame has truly read the desire in the heart of Elohim to multiply your decrees ten million-times-ten million. Let the calls to Elohim and the power of the Spirit of the Resurrection be full and overflowing. Let the chalice of your heart know the flushing out of the resurrection fire.”


--Beloved Godfre, “Do Not Give Up the Ship!”
Let Liberty’s Voice Be Heard,

Pearls of Wisdom© Vol. 30 No. 45, given July 14, 1987



"I AM come in the Spirit of the Elohim for the fulfillment of the cycles of America's victory.  This is the land prepared to receive the Christed ones, that they might mature in the Christ flame that they might raise up the light of the Mother and carry it afar--from nation to nation--lighting the star of divinity.  Thus the Goddess of Liberty holds high her torch."


"The victory of America is not the victory of a nation.  it is the victory of the twelve hierarchies of the Sun in the twelve tribes of Israel who have come forth from every nation to dip into the flame, who shall return to every nation to ignite the flame, who shall be unto all people the carriers of the fires of freedom."


The Spirit of Freedom in the Fourteen Ascended Masters Who Govern the Destiny of America

Nov. 22, 1975, The Greater Way of Freedom

"I speak to every soul on Terra who loves freedom, who enshrines freedom as the fire of be-ness and of creativity in the whole.  I speak to every soul: Hear the call of freedom! Feel the flow of freedom! For the Fallen One is bound; the Fallen One has been taken; the Fallen One has stood judgment before the Court of the Sacred Fire.  Because of the binding of the Fallen One and staying action of the carnal mind, you now hear the call to battle, "En garde! Company advance!" Hear the call of the Knight Commander! Hear the call of the general in the field!


"Hear the call! For this is the moment to move for the victory of the light in every nation! This is the moment to reverse the tide of darkness! This is the moment to give your invocations to the Great Divine Director! This is the moment to be on your knees in prayer before the living God! This is the moment, this is the time and space, for the victory!"


Beloved Saint Germain, November 23, 1975 The Greater Way of Freedom

Beloved El Morya

Pearls of Wisdom©, Vol. 36, No. 5 

"So, the All-Seeing Eye of God is upon you. O America, follow its rays back to that Eye! Follow the rays to your oneness. Remove all that divides you and return to the hope, to the glory of God, to love, to union, to noble purpose and a certain simplicity of life that restores the highest virtue in each breast."

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