2016 National Elections Prayer Vigil in Washington, D.C.

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September 3 & 4

Labor Day weekend 2016.


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Special Events


You are invited to attend these

interactive workshops

at our Teaching Center 


Washington D.C. Community Teaching Center

6935 Laurel Avenue, Suite 202

Takoma Park, MD 20912


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The Science of the Spoken Word

Introductory Decree Series


If you are interested in learning how to decree effectively and you would like to deepen your understanding of The Science of the Spoken Word and how to apply it in your everyday life, then this class is for you!


Join us for an engaging and informative session as we explore the what The Science of the Spoken Word really means and how we can unleash the power within us through its application. 


We will study the process involved in giving these powerful decrees that have been created for our use by the Ascended Masters and released through their Messengers Mark and Elizabeth Prophet.


We will be using the book The Science of the Spoken Word as our text. It is available for purchase in our bookstore or online at www.thesummitlighthouse.org.


Saturdays at 2 PM

January 16



¡Bienvenidos a los Estudios de los Maestroes Ascendidos! [ESPAÑOL]


Venga A  Nuestro Centro Para Encontrar Sobre: Los Maestros Ascendidos, Los Arcángeles, La Ciencia de La  Palabra Hablada, La Llama Violeta y El Sendero Hacia Personal Cristeidad! [Un grupo para compartir ideas y la llama de nuestros corazones!] Contactarme, Charlene Lasley@301-642-2749. Por Favor, Deje Una Mensaje.


Cada Otro Sábado A Las Dos En La Tarde (2pm). Washington, D.C. Teaching Center, 6935 Laurel Avenue, Suite 202, Takoma Park, MD, 20912 (Arriba del Banco: Suntrust  en el Segundo Piso). Tu amiga En El Sendero Por  La Verdad y La Luz! 


Saturdays 2-3:30PM

January 23






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For more information, please contact:


Washington, D.C. Community Teaching Center

6935 Laurel Avenu, Suite 202

Takoma Park, MD 20912

Telephone: 301 270-3312301 270-3312
email: washdctc@yahoo.com